Anna Jermolaewa Biennale

👌So cool! Anna Jermolaewa represents Austria at the 60th Venice Biennale. An edition of the work The Penultimate (part of the evn collection since 2018) can be seen in Venice. We congratulate Anna Jermolaewa and the curator Gabriele Spindler and are delighted! 🎀
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Making friends in the office

Interesting encounters during working hours. Kris Lemsalu's We three luxury estates I or Tatjana Danneberg's WOW are making new friends. 

EVN Studio

Art and History Library. Take a seat 🪑!
On the wall you could find serigraphie by  VALIE EXPORT, the chairs and the coffee table are vintage elements from the company. 

Calendar 2023 by Cäcilia Brown

The history of materials and their integration in the public space are an essential part of Cäcilia Brown’s works. She exposes the social conditions for the exploitation of these materials. The photos from the artist’s archive that were used for this calendar also speak of resources and materials. The immense importance of energy and steel for the economic cohesion of the world probably has only become apparent to many people in Europe over the course of 2022. Using collage, Cäcilia Brown associatively combines photographs into monthly images; the earliest date from 2010, and the latest from 2022.  The heavy industry, which relies on coal and gas to produce steel, left an imprint on landscapes and societies. The photo arrangements compiled by Cäcilia Brown illustrate this global issue. They show both history and the present and direct viewers’ gaze to what is oftentimes overlooked.


art works on the move - exhibition in Vienna

Five works of the evn collection are part of the remarkable exhibition  "Pride and Prejudice. Art & Craft - a Love Story", curated by Ulrike Johannsen and Sascha Zaitseva in Vienna. 
Link to the exhibition


Springtime, mostly cloudy

Róza El-Hassan made the gouache in May 2012 under the impression of the war in Syria. Half a decade later: Not only do the hostilities in Syria continue, there is also war in the Ukraine.
Mai 2012/Beim Fluss Orontes

Calender designs for EVN AG

Please find here a list of all calender designs done by artists for EVN company:
Kalender für EVN AG

In memory of Hans-Peter Feldmann

The conceptual artist Hans-Peter Feldmann passed away in May 2023. His publication "Ein Engerieunternehmen" marked the beginning of the evn collection in the late 1990s. The compilation of photographs depicts a wide variety of company buildings at the turning point of the millennium and the region of Lower Austria in a unique way. The publication is now out of print. 
Many years later (2013), Hans-Peter Feldmann designed the greetings for the turn of the year (card and paper) for the company. Here, too, his unmistakable humor can be seen as a supporting character.

to the artworks of Hans-Peter Feldmann in evn collection

In memory of Phyllida Barlow

"STREET. Untitled: broken shelf" has been part of the evn collection since 2010. The work was created during one of the artist's residencies in Vienna. The photographs show the large sculpture in the stairwell of the EVN Directorate in 2013. Phyllida Barlow was one of the most important contemporary sculptors and a distinguished professor at the Slade School of Fine Arts. The artist (born 1944) passed away in London in March 2023.
Phyllida Barlow in evn collection

Mitten durchs Herz - AKW Zwentendorf

The artwork "Mitten durchs Herz" by Gottfried Bechtold is transferred to Nuclear Power Station Zwentendorf. 
Gottfried Bechtold - Mitten durchs Herz

small medium large. Exhibition at garage evn sammlung

small medium large presents selected sculptures and objects from the evn collection. The focus on three-dimensional works was chosen with respect to the specific exhibition venue. Designed in the late 1950s by a team of architects—Wilhelm Hubatsch, Franz Kiener, and Gustav Peichl—the workshop building served for decades as a repair shop and garage for the various motor vehicles of the EVN fleet. Cable reels used as pedestals are evocative of the company’s role as a public electricity supplier. Their circular cross sections are echoed by the domed skylights overhead. The exhibition layout by Markus Schinwald dynamically structures the large space and invites wandering about, which enables viewing the works from various different perspectives.


Season's cards and wrapping papers

Please find here all cards and papers done by artists for EVN 
Grußkarten und Einpackpapiere

Season's Greetings 2022/23

The greeting cards for the turn of the year 2022/2023 show two objects from the "Space Junk" series by Sonia Leimer. You can find more about the two objects: Space Junk 1 

Exhibition catalogue

Franz Kapfer - Lazar Lyutakov  - Martina Vacheva

The exhibition in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, in 2019 is  accompanied by a catalogue with a lot of  exhibition views and a text by Nicole Scheyerer. Graphic Design: Christoph Steinegger, Interkool; with photos by Lazar Lyutakov and Markus Krottendorfer. The publication is available here:  VfmK

Denisa Lehocká - Untitled

An amazing drawing by Denisa Lehocká recently entered the collection!
more information please see here


Bravissimo! Congratulations to VALIE EXPORT to the Max-Beckmann-Preis
The artist has designed a wallpaper for the evn collection in 2019: Würfelspiel

IACCCA publication

NEW - IACCCA publication "Art in the time of ecological disruption". Ed. by  IACCCA, please find here the online-version:  e-book

News 2021: Calendar by Helen Cammock

For the 2021 evn collection calendar, Helen Cammock compiled stills from several of her films. They unfold into a sequence of impressions that is reminiscent of a personal travel diary. 

Helen Cammock - Wikipedia

Talk with Dimitré Dinev and Nina Schedlmayer

EVN100 : Journalist Nina Schedlmayer and author Dimitré Dinev in conversation about evn collection. 
see more pictures on Instagram

Christian Philipp Müller

The 2021 harvest is in! We are pleased about the colorful variety. 
Arranged by Claudia Dohr, seeds and plants from the stocks of Andrea Edelbacher.

Calendar 2022

16 amazing photographs by Markus Krottendorfer compose EVN AG's 2022 calendar. The artist visited various power plant locations from June to October 2021 and staged them in spectacular night shoots. Click here to visit the artist's website: Markus Krottendorfer 
Graphic design of the calendar: Christoph Steinegger, Interkool


Lois Weinberger: in-situ-artwork at the headquarters of EVN Ruderal Society. Excavating a Garden

Carola Dertnig "... but buildings can't talk"

On the anniversary of 9/11 we would like to draw your attention to the artwork by Carola Dertnig "...but buildings can't talk" from 2001: Carola Dertnig - ... but buildings can't talk"

EVN Studio

EVN Studio is open for your visit and shows currently a work by Lois Weinberger Untitled (Besen und Glas)

Wallpaper #4 - Catalogue

Catalogue to the current exhibition: Wallpaper #4
Here to order: VFMK Verlag für moderne Kunst

Josef Bauer: 1934-2022

Josef Bauer died in March 2022. evn collection proudly owns several works by him. "Zeit" is one of them. The photo shot by the artist shows his sense of humor too. 
See his works here: Josef Bauer in evn collection

Maja Vukoje - Untitled

New in the collection! The drawing as an add-on to the wallpaper "Spa" from the exhibition Wallpaper #4: Activities

Liam Gillick

The sculpture by Liam Gillick has been an important part of the evn collection since 2001 and is placed in the entrance area of the headquarters: more here

The Penultimate at an exhibition in Linz

The artwork "The Penultimate" by Anna Jermolaewa is part of the exhibition "Höhenrausch" in Linz:  Hoehenrausch 2021

Wallpaper #4

Since October 2020 there are new wallpapers in combination with art works on display at EVN's headquarter in Maria Enzersdorf. There is also a nice catalogue available: Wallpaper #4

Leihgabe nach Berlin

The artwork "Mother Moon" by Tabita Rezaire is currently on loan at an exibition in Berlin
find here the link to the exhibition:  Cermony

Precious Okoyomon wins 2021 Frieze Artist Award at Frieze New York

Precious Okoyomon wins 2021 Frieze Artist Award at Frieze New York

In 2019 Precious designed a wallpaper for evn collection and in January we were happy to reveice a big water color work of hers for evn collection.
See more works ot the at the evn collection: Precious Okoyomon
See more here: Frieze Artist Award


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