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Calendar 2023 by Cäcilia Brown

The history of materials and their integration in the public space are an essential part of Cäcilia Brown’s works. She exposes the social conditions for the exploitation of these materials. The photos from the artist’s archive that were used for this calendar also speak of resources and materials. The immense importance of energy and steel for the economic cohesion of the world probably has only become apparent to many people in Europe over the course of 2022. Using collage, Cäcilia Brown associatively combines photographs into monthly images; the earliest date from 2010, and the latest from 2022.  The heavy industry, which relies on coal and gas to produce steel, left an imprint on landscapes and societies. The photo arrangements compiled by Cäcilia Brown illustrate this global issue. They show both history and the present and direct viewers’ gaze to what is oftentimes overlooked.